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Types of Binocular Vision Dysfunction Treatment

Your eyes are designed to work together to send images to your brain about what you see. This synchronization is called binocular vision. If you have binocular vision dysfunction, your eyes aren’t coordinated, causing physical and visual symptoms. There are various types of binocular vision dysfunction treatment, including vision therapy.  With a trained vision therapist, […]

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When Should Your Child Have Their First Eye Exam? (This One Will Surprise You)

Have you ever seen one of those cute pictures of babies wearing glasses? Those glasses aren’t always photo props. Unless they’re accompanied by a Groucho Marx mustache, they’re likely real! There are times when small children really need vision support, and identifying those needs starts with an eye exam. So when should parents book that […]

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Does Your Child Have Dyslexia or… is it something else? The hidden diagnosis contributing to reading difficulties

Many children present to our office with difficulties reading.  They often have received a diagnosis of dyslexia prior to visiting our office; but is it really dyslexia?  In my professional opinion it is difficult to diagnose dyslexia with certainty when a visual processing evaluation has not been performed.   Can both a visual and language problem […]

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