Dr. Lott’s Story About Vision Therapy

bellevue_family-200x300During optometry school I was required to take multiple courses in vision therapy. I was especially interested in neurooptometric rehabilitation after brain injuries. However, as fascinating as it was, I did not see vision therapy in my future. After graduation, I practiced in a rural setting, managing various ocular diseases and co-managing patients with surgeons. I did not have the time to offer vision therapy to my patients.

Later I married a wonderful man who I learned as a child suffered from eye teaming difficulties. He had undergone three surgeries at various stages of life before we married. He discussed with me how this had affected him in many areas and that things never seemed “quite right.” In 2014 we were blessed with our first child, a beautiful baby boy. At five months old, when a child should be able to control his/her eye movements, it appeared to me that he may be experiencing difficulties. Being a new mom (and an optometrist), I hoped that I was overreacting. My husband and I discussed it and concluded that we did not want our child to have surgery if we could prevent it.

When my son was nine months old, I contacted Dr. W.C. Maples, a highly respected and world renowned developmental optometrist. He evaluated our child and agreed that he did appear to have difficulty keeping his eyes aligned at times. He instructed me on therapeutic exercises to begin administering. I had been out of the practice of vision therapy for a very long time, but I had never heard of therapy on an infant! I trusted Dr. Maples’s experience and began the therapeutic exercises. Within two months, our baby’s eyes straightened. I was amazed and so thankful. But I could not help wondering how many children were like my own? How many mothers would want another option for their child outside of surgery or other medicinal methods? It was at that time that I began rediscovering vision therapy. With the help of Dr. Maples, I was able to open Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care. When the doors opened, we immediately began receiving phone calls from patients and parents that were desperately needing our services.

I am delighted to bring these services to my hometown. I am thankful to have Dr. Maples working alongside me in the clinic. I am proud to be able to make a difference in my patients’ lives daily and to offer hope that they may not have been given previously. At Belle Vue, it is our desire to care for you as we would our family, just like I began this journey caring for my own child who needed help.

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