Vision Therapy for Children

If you have noticed sudden changes in your child’s behavior towards school, chances are, they may be struggling due to vision problems. You may start to see that your child has less interest in activities that they previously enjoyed. Before thinking that your child has some learning disabilities, have their vision checked first.

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy (also called Visual Training) is a program which aims to improve a child’s or an adult’s visual abilities. Much like physical therapy for the eyes and brain, visual therapy is safe, non-surgical, drug-free and doctor-supervised. It is specifically directed toward resolving symptoms due to faulty vision that interfere with your child’s learning.  Symptoms you may not have realized were related to poor vision!

While eyeglasses and contact lenses do improve your child’s eyesight, vision therapy teaches the eyes and the brain to use the information they receive more effectively. This information is processed by the eyes quickly and allows the brain to react more appropriately. Simply put, visual therapy trains the entire visual processing systems to correct itself.

Vision Therapy Services

If you see your child struggling with the following visual challenges, it is strongly recommended that you have them undergo visual therapy:

  • Learning-related conditions such as focusing disorders, poor eye teaming, tracking, and other visualization skill concerns
  • Binocular or eye teaming problems such as lazy eye (amblyopia), convergence insufficiency, and crossed eyes (strabismus)
  • Problems with fixation and eye movement abilities
  • Eye-hand coordination problems
  • Other issues such as constant headaches, frequent squinting, and eye irritations.

Our vision therapy services are customized to meet the specific needs of each child. The initial examination will include a routine eye checkup to rule out astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, nad ocular diseases. We also test the peripheral vision, color vision, and the overall abilities of your child’s eyes to track, focus, and perceive depth.

The next step would be a sensorimotor evaluation to check whether poor vision is what hinders your child’s learning abilities. A few of the tests that may be included in this evaluation are:

  • Central, steady fixations
  • Accurate, efficient tracking ability
  • Adequate focusing abilities for various distances
  • Single, comfortable, sustainable vision
  • Evaluation of Visual-Motor skills
  • Evaluation of primitive reflexes
  • Evaluation of functional visual fields

Other testing that may be recommended is Visual Information Processing.  This evaluates how a child processes visual information.

  • Visual Perception Skills – we will be checking for your child’s ability to see differences in shapes, sizes, distances, and orientation.
  • Visual Reversal Skills – we will be checking for your child’s ability to identify reversals in pictures, letters, numbers, and words.• Visual
  • Memory – we will be giving a small presentation to see if your child has recalled with what was shown.
  • Visual Sequential Memory – to check for your child’s ability to remember a series of images from the presentation in their respective sequences.
  • Silent Word Reading Fluency – using RightEye to measure your child’s reading comprehension skills.
  • Word Reading Efficiency – to determine your child’s skill in reading the words accurately and pronouncing them fluently.
  • Visual Laterality and Directionality – to check if your child can determine space and direction.
  • Visual Motor Integration – we will check if your child can reproduce images they see and put them on paper.
  • Spatial and Phonological Awareness Skills– to see if your child can analyze and organize the information they see, read and hear.

Vision Care Therapy

Once we’re done with the tests and evaluation, our eye doctors will review the findings and recommend the most suitable treatment procedure. We’ll then formulate an individualized plan for your child and give you the opportunity to ask about any concerns you may have.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child and see what our vision care therapy can do to help your child achieve their full potential.


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