Will Vision Therapy work for your child?

Listen as parents share how vision therapy has helped their son/daughter!

“Dr. Lott and Dr. Maples have gone above and beyond to help NN. We are so thankful to them for providing hope and an opportunity for improvement. NN has improved! She loves coming to Vision Therapy. I like that there are tests to measure and track progress. We are thrilled with the results so far and look forward to more improvements.”


“Dr. Lott and Dr. Maples have all been wonderful. HM’s self-confidence was zero when we started and he has thought for years he was “dumb” because of his vision. Dr. Lott and Dr. Maples have given him so much more hope than we could ever dream. This is a wonderful place.”


“Thank you all so much for your genuine concern and care for JMC and his vision issues. Your thoughtful and careful assessment of his developmental and vision issues is greatly appreciated. We are grateful for the therapy and know that his confidence and success will be greatly improved after this season under your care.”


“We are very pleased and grateful for the help you have given JC after his stroke. He would not be doing as well as he is without your expertise, knowledge and genuine concern for him. We really appreciate your caring, friendly atmosphere, and making us feel like “family”. We look forward to coming each week.”


“There are no words that I could possibly find to thank you and tell you how much you have done for AG. You have been such a blessing to us! I will be spreading the word all over Jackson about how wonderful vision therapy at Belle Vue Sec is!”


“BVSEC has been such a blessing to us! Our daughter had almost no depth perception and now it is close to 100%. She has felt so comfortable with everyone here. It has been a wonderful experience for our family.”


“Thank you, Dr. Lott, for being the person you are. You have helped me so much with my dry eyes. The treatment was wonderful and so relaxing. You are special because you care for all of your patients.”


“Dr. Lott, my experience has been wonderful with your dry eye care.”


“Dr. Lott, the treatment and care provided for my dry eyes has been life changing. I really appreciate all that this treatment has done for me.”


“To my new friends at BVSEC. I am so thankful for your genuine care and concern plus your expert knowledge. I feel so relaxed and sure that I am in the right place with the best care for my dry eye treatment. I will always be one of your cheerleaders.”

-Mary Sue

“My eyes have never felt this good. The Lipiflow treatment is a miracle. I was so miserable with my eyes and now I am so relieved.”


“After years of suffering with undiagnosed dry eye I am thankful for relief of my symptoms. I appreciate Dr. Lott’s expert knowledge of dry eye treatment.”


“Words cannot describe the change you have made in LR’s life. You have “opened his eyes” and made school enjoyable again. Our family will forever be grateful for God placing the two of you in our lives and allowing you to share your great expertise and wisdom. Your knowledge and true concern for my son will have a significant impact on his successful future. Thank you again!”


“Reading is much easier and I do not get headaches as much anymore when doing homework. I am also the Fixator champion with a score of 54!”


“I want to express by gratitude for the vast improvement in my dry eye symptoms since going through the LipiFlow Treatment. I have not had any symptoms of dry eye. It has been a game changer for me. Thanks a Million!”


“TA’s improvement with treatments have been remarkable. He enjoyed coming to vision therapy and his teachers are very pleased with his progress. We are so grateful for all of the help we have received.”


“Thank you for all of the help, care and concern for my son and family. He has seen such improvement.”

-The B’s

“Thank you so much for opening your clinic in this area. I know it will be a blessing to so many. I am also thankful to you both for your willingness to help my granddaughter. God has placed some amazing doctors in her life.”


“You guys have been wonderful to work with. CE has made great progress, has learned and grown so much. We adore the doctors and staff. We feel you are all family to us now. We are blessed.”


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