Struggling in School?

Is your son or daughter struggling in school?

Maybe you had a really bad school year last year.

You may have noticed that he or she isn’t reading as well as her siblings did. Or perhaps they didn’t seem to be getting the simple things right.

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Maybe school was much harder for your son or daughter than it was for their friends or classmates.

Perhaps it has been a struggle from the time that your son or daughter entered school.

His or her grades at school may have been dropping.

You may have noticed that he or she:

  • Takes a long time to read
  • Skips words or whole lines when reading
  • Keeps repeating a sentence over and over again
  • Struggles to retain what they’re reading
  • Gets frustrated with chapter books
  • Drawing shapes backwards
  • Handwriting difficulties
  • Highly distracted and off task at school
  • Grades are starting to fall off
  • A little klutzy at times
  • Can’t catch a ball

Your son or daughter may have complained of:

  • Headaches
  • Tiredness
  • Eye irritations
  • Squinting

As a parent, the difficulty that we have is that we can’t see the world through our child’s eyes.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to try to pinpoint what the problem was.

It can mean a long journey to try to figure out things.

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Maybe you’ve been to appointments with a:

  • Psychologist
  • Speech Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Paediatrician
  • Neurologist

Maybe your son or daughter has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. You may have tried several therapies including anxiety medication, hypnotherapy or fine motor therapy.

But your son or daughter is still struggling with the world around them.

As a parent, it’s a very difficult thing to see your child not succeeding when you know that they’re able to and not being able to help them.

So you decide to keep pushing and investigating.

There must be someone who can fix it. There must be a different type of doctor who can help!

If your son or daughter is like this, he or she may have a vision problem.

But my son or daughter has 20/20 vision!

You might be saying…’wait a minute- I’ve already taken my son or daughter to the Optometrist several times. They keep telling me that my child has 20/20 vision!’

Think of a professional dancing couple. Maybe you watch them on TV or Youtube. You can tell that they’re strong yet flexible. They move together so well. Whether fast or slow, they just seem so coordinated.

Being a strong or flexible dancer is helpful. But it doesn’t help if you can’t coordinate your next move with your partner.

If your son or daughter has 20/20 vision, it simply means that they can recognise small shapes from far away.

But 20/20 vision doesn’t say anything about whether the two eyes coordinate with each other when reading, or writing, or catching a ball.

This is why your son or daughter may say that they ‘can’t see’ even with new glasses.

There might be something going on with what your son or daughter’s eyes and brain are perceiving.

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When you see Dr Lott for the first time, she performs a thorough examination of how your child’s eyes and brain coordinate together.

If your child has a vision problem, vision therapy can work. This is like Physical Therapy for the eyes. Vision Therapy is a series of eye exercises that are tailored to your child. The exercises are usually done in one of our offices.

The exercises start simply and become harder as your child masters some skills and movee on to learn others.

Does Vision Therapy Work?

Here is what other parents say about Vision Therapy:

  • “Her headaches started to lessen. Her eye twitching started to lessen. She wasn’t getting so frustrated. It was just progress, after progress, after progress.”
  • “He’s no longer behind, but he’s ahead in class, not only in reading and math, and even more than that, he can catch a ball and he’d never been able to do that before.”

Listen to parents say how Dr Megan Lott has helped them:

How has Vision Therapy improved other children’s outlook on life?

  • “When all these things started coming in and falling in from the therapy, and the eyes were working, and he’s just gotten to be such a better student, he’s got more confidence in himself,”
  • “She was on medication for ADD, and she is now off of that medication. I’m not saying that everyone would be able to get off of their medication, but it was something that we’re thankful she’s been able to accomplish”
  • “His confidence has soared. And so I feel that vision therapy was sort of like the missing piece of my son’s therapy that has helped him become the best he can be.”
  • “Her self esteem has increased, her academics have increased.”
  • “She has come a long way, as far as her being outgoing, She’s more calm than she used to be,”

If these same parents could say anything to you, what would it be?

  • “If anyone has questions regarding their children, with their vision, or their grades at school, that they see– or give the office a call”
  • “dig a little deeper and get to the bottom of it because it has definitely, definitely been worth it”
  • “your child may be having difficulty finding their way in the world….it might be their vision”
  • “I would highly recommend eye therapy to anybody who has a struggling reader”
  • “Had I known about Dr. Megan Lott back then, our struggles would not have been as long and as in depth as they’ve been”

One last thought:

  • “One of the most rewarding parts about my job here as an Optometrist at Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care is seeing the mom’s faces whenever they realise that their child, who they knew was a brilliant and smart child, begins to actually succeed in school and starts to blossom and come into their personality… and all we did was change their outlook on life.” -Dr Megan Lott, Behavioural Optometrist

Ready to book an appointment? It’s easy. Call 601-475-2020 (during business hours) or send a message through Facebook at . Leave your name and phone number and a staff member will call you back as soon as they can.

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