Pediatric Eye Exam Services in Hattiesburg MS

Did you know that 80% of what kids learn in the classroom is gained visually? Studies have shown that there is a connection between learning and vision. The growing years of your child are when they absorb most from what they see around them.

Children, especially infants, will have no idea that they have poor vision. They won’t know when to complain about any issues they have with their eyes. Even the brightest kids will struggle in school when they have problems with their vision.

This is the reason good eyesight is essential to your child’s growth and development. It is vital that we take every step to make sure our kids are ready to take in the world around them. Visits to the eye doctor will give them an advantage in learning through ensuring correct vision.

Pediatric Eye Exam Services

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommend bringing your children to the eye doctor regularly. The first visit should be when they reach six months of age, then at three years and before starting school, then once every two years after that. The frequency of the visits can also depend on your child’s eye conditions.

Infant Eye Exams: From Birth Up to 24 Months

The development of your baby’s eyes is crucial in the first few months of their life. This is when their eyes must learn to focus on one object, move them accurately, and use them together as a team. Their visual system must learn how to process the information gathered and apply this accordingly.

Having your baby’s eyes checked will ensure that they are developing normally. This is essential in building the foundation for your child’s motor skills and cognitive development. The early detection of problems with vision can help prevent delays in their learning abilities.

Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care offers comprehensive pediatric eye exams which may include tests such as:

  • Examination of the eyes and eyelids
  • Assessing the pupils and their response to light
  • Checking if the eyes can fixate on an object and follow its movements
  • Using specialized cards to determine their vision capabilities

Pediatric Eye Exams for Preschool Children: From 2 to 5 Years of Age

Your preschool-aged child will see a huge leap in their intellectual and motor skills development. This is the time that they’ll learn skills such as drawing, playing, using cutlery, and many other tasks. These skills are a necessary factor in their growth and will all be dependent on having good eyesight.

Also, this is the period in your child’s life when they are prone to eye conditions such as lazy eye, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. If left untreated, these may hamper your child’s primary learning skills and overall progress. Here are a few symptoms that your child has vision problems that you should be aware of:

  • Constant rubbing of the eyes
  • Frequent squinting
  • Excessive blinking
  • Headaches
  • Covering one eye to focus

To check for any problems with your child’s vision, we will conduct tests on their eyes, eyelids, and pupils. Our exams may also include corneal reflex and eye chart tests. We’ll also ask you to observe for any unusual behavior such as problems in number or letter recognition.

Pediatric Eye Exam Services for School-Aged Children: From 6 to 18 Years of Age

If you notice that your school-aged child is struggling academically or with other social activities, have them checked by an eye doctor immediately. The problem may be an underlying issue with their vision. Having poor eyesight may give your child issues with social and physical activities which can result in behavioral issues as well.

Aside from the symptoms we already mentioned, here are some other signs that your child has eyesight problems:

  • Turning the head to one side to see more clearly
  • Slow reading and writing abilities
  • Avoiding reading altogether
  • Having a short attention span
  • Holding their books close to the face

Our exams include the following tests:

  • Basic visual acuity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Binocular vision
  • Peripheral vision

Our doctors will also examine your child’s eyes to look for any disease or condition that you need to be aware of and be given the appropriate treatment for. This may include the prescription of eyeglasses, contact lenses, eye patches, or vision therapies.

To help us determine what your child’s needs are, we will ask for relevant information such as your personal and family history or any developmental delays. This would greatly help in addressing any issues that may be found with your child’s vision.

As with any other medical condition, early detection is the best. As soon as you see a sign that your child is having problems with their vision, the chances of successful treatment will be better if you have them checked right away. Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care can help your child reach their full potential when armed with excellent vision.

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