What is vision therapy (VT) and is it safe?

Vision therapy is another type of medical therapy. It is re-training the eye/brain circuits to coordinate the visual system to improve the patient’s quality of life. Many visual disorders, such as double-vision, eye strain, “crossed eyes,” and “lazy eyes,” will experience significant improvement from visual rehabilitation. VT is safe, effective, and is the standard of care in the treatment of eye coordination and visual processing disorders.

Is vision therapy just for children?

NO! Patients of any age who have visual quality of life issues are candidates for VT. This includes those who have suffered acquired brain injuries or strokes.

How long will it take to complete vision therapy?

After your examination, our staff will consult with you. Based on the findings we can outline the prescribed VT sessions at this consultation. The length of treatment will depend on a variety of factors, including agreed upon goals between the patient and doctor.

Is vision therapy covered by my insurance?

Some plans, both medical and vision, cover VT. At Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care we will provide you with the forms you need to submit to your insurance company. However, we will not accept insurance as a form of payment.

Why does Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care not accept insurance?

We want to provide the best care to our patients based on their needs, not the insurance company’s requirements and limitations. We, therefore, do not act as a participating provider for any insurance plan. Dr. Lott is unwilling to allow an insurance company’s policies to compromise the excellent care we strive to deliver. Many families have Flexible Spending Account (FSA) options which we accept. Vision therapy generally qualifies as a medically necessary service for FSAs or Health Spending Accounts (HSAs). These plans are designed to let the patient save money in a pre-tax account for additional medical expenses such as VT. We will also assist you with payment plans and options to allow the patient to achieve visual success and freedom from visual limitations.

Will I be referred back to my family optometrist for all other care?

Absolutely! It is our goal to act as an extension of your primary eye care practitioner. We will immediately return you to your referring doctor, once our care is complete.

Why does my doctor not offer this service?

All optometrists are trained in VT. The factors of time, office space, special staff requirements and the expense of equipment needed to offer excellent VT does not make it practical for most practitioners to offer the service.

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