What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye, or ocular surface disease, can be frustrating for both patients and eye care professionals alike. It is difficult to diagnose and manage due to the many symptoms that are associated. A misconception is that dry eye is caused from a lack of tear production, but actually, very few people are affected by this. We now know that the majority of people suffer from meibomian gland disease (MGD), which is when the meibomian glands in the eyelids become blocked and can not produce the oil that is needed in the tear film. When this oil is compromised, tears evaporate very quickly leading to….dry eye. Our optometrists at Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care in Hattiesburg specializes in Dry Eye treatment and the LipiFlow system, the most revolutionary treatment for Dry Eyes. Read Dr. Lott’s personal story here.

Treatment for Dry Eye

In dry eye syndrome, the tear glands that moisturize the eye don’t produce enough tears, or the tears have a chemical composition that causes them to evaporate too quickly. The preferred treatment for this is to treat the meibomian gland blockages. The only electronically FDA-cleared treatment for MGD is LipiFlow. This revolutionary technology applies heat to the inner surface of the eyelids and massages the outer surface, promoting oil secretion. The entire treatment takes 12 minutes. In recent study 79% of patients reported improvement in their symptoms within 4 weeks following a LipiFlow treatment.

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Get to know each other

We will begin by getting to know you. We want to know if you have any lifestyle factors, systemic diseases, or medications that may be contributing to your dry eye.

Quick Test

Next your tear film will be measured as well as your tear stability, blink rate, and meibomian gland structure using the LipiView interferometer. This is a non-invasive test and takes about 5 minutes.


The doctor will then evaluate your eyes for redness, the consistency of your oil production, tear breakup time, eyelid margins, eyelashes, eye lid closure, tear production, and anything else that could be causing your symptoms.

Personalized Treatment

Dr. Lott understands that treating the root cause of dry eye, not the symptoms, gives her patients relief and frees them from the symptoms of dry eye. Each patient has an individualized plan for them, because she understands that no two patients are the same. Dr. Lott may talk with you about Lid HygieneNutraceuticalsNight Protection, & LipiFlow.

Do you have dry eyes?

If you would like someone from our office to contact you about your dry eyes, contact us today and we can schedule an appointment for you.


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