Behavioural Optometrist in Hattiesburg MS

What is Behavioral or Functional Optometry?

Our senses change as our lifestyle changes. Our ancestors had vision designed to track animals for survival, therefore their eyes were accustomed to looking at longer distances. In modern times, our eyes are forced to carry out near visual tasks like sitting in front of a computer for a period of time. This stress on our eyes affects not just our vision, but our body’s behavior toward specific tasks. Having  20/20 vision doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have eyesight problems and won’t experience symptoms like headaches, watery eyes, blurred vision or other issues This means that you can see well for 20 feet or more but you may have trouble with short distance vision; which involves the majority of the tasks our eyes undergo every day.

Behavioral Optometry is an extended practice in optometry that is already proven with a multitude of scientific evidence and case studies. It is a study of vision in relation to visual demands and daily tasks like reading, writing, and computer work. It measures how comfortable you are with these tasks and the stress they place on your eyes. Children also benefit from this practice because they too experience a high level of stress when performing school work. In some instances, they are misdiagnosed with poor vision, ADD/ADHD, or dyslexia, common among school children. Further studies suggest that even at a young age, children are susceptible to stress from attending school and from their peers; which affects their physiological growth, including vision.

Behavioral Optometrist in Hattiesburg

Not all optometrists practice behavioral optometry. Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care Clinics provide behavioral optometry services in Hattiesburg and Jackson, MS. Our behavioral optometrists specialize in children’s visual stress in relation to learning difficulties. We aim to create a healthy environment where children won’t react negatively to school stress and to stop possible visual difficulties from progressing.

Behavioral Optometry is beneficial to everyone, but the following individuals would gain the most from the service:

  • Children of all ages, especially in primary school
  • Children with reading difficulties or reading at a slower rate than their peers
  • Children with difficulty in eye-hand coordination
  • Children who are unwilling to study or read
  • Children with difficulty in visually demanding sports
  • Anyone who spends a long time in front of a computer
  • Anyone who doesn’t have a medical eye problem but experiences visual fatigue and burning, itchy eyes
  • Anyone with visually demanding work
  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with strabismus (crossed-eyes) or amblyopia (lazy eye)

Behavioral Optometry Services in Hattiesburg

Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care behavioral optometrists treat each patient with individual therapy suited for his/her visual and overall needs. Services recommended may include the following:

  • Eye exam to determine eyesight and how it affects daily tasks
  • Behavioral exam directed toward visually demanding tasks and how each patient reacts to the stressors differently
  • Prescription glasses targeted to a patient’s needs such as to treat eyesight problems and protect eyes from computer screens
  • Advice on how to prevent the development of visual stress. This may include behavioral realignment to visually demanding tasks
  • Lenses specifically targeting the reduction and treatment of headaches, migraines, and concussions
  • Vision therapy – a type of physical therapy with activities individually designed for the eyes and brain. This is conducted in the clinic with a 30-minutes to one hour session, depending on the patient’s behavioral/vision difficulty, under the careful supervision of a professional.
  • Syntonics (phototherapy)- a type of therapy that utilizes light to enhance vision, particularly visual fields

It is advisable to visit your optometrist annually to ensure you or your child’s development will continue with positive growth. Treating visual and behavioral problems, especially at an early age, guarantees an improvement with your daily tasks, work activities and your child’s learning capabilities.

Take action now and visit our Belle Vue Specialty Eye Care clinics at Hattiesburg and Jackson, MS. Our friendly staff will accommodate you promptly. You can also call us on 601-475-2020 for our Hattiesburg clinic and 601-487-1089 for our Jackson clinic to learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists.

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